Spotlight Dance Academy of Chicago Policies


Tuition is expected to be paid prior to each session to reserve your spot.

Tuition is non-refundable except in case of serious illness or injury or after 3 weeks of starting date. If serious illness or injury is acquired during our current sessions, a note from a physician is requested for refunds to be effective. If classes are dropped before the first day of the new session, you will be given a full refund. If a refund is requested past the first three weeks of the new session, we can credit the remainder of the session for future classes.

Annual Registration Fee:

There is a yearly fee of $25 per student. Our Annual Registration covers all expenses outside of the classroom tuition, such as: student filing, record keeping, billing, and communications for the year.

For all returned checks, there will be a $25 fee.


Sibling Discount: 10% off the first student, 20% off the second student, 30% off the third student, etc.

Multiple Class Discount: For every additional class one child is taking, there will be a percentage off each class. For instance, if your child is taking three classes, the first class would be full price the second would be 10% off, the third would be 20% off and the fourth class will be 30% off (so on and so forth).

Absences / Make-up Policy / Cancellations Due To Weather

*Attendance on a weekly basis is crucial and extremely important to help our students better themselves and progress accordingly. All missed classes may be made up before the end of the session. No refunds or credits will be issued for missed classes.

*Cancelled classes due to the weather will not be rescheduled, but students are allowed to make-up classes missed before the end of the session.